Animals at Moonlit Sanctuary


All Australian mammals are nocturnal, so are most active on our evening tours. Some mammals, including bettongs and gliders, can only be seen on evening tours, and other mammals as well as most birds are more active in the mornings and later in the afternoons. Both mammals and birds tend to rest in the middle of the day, especially in warmer weather. However we have a range of keeper presentations throughout the day where you can not only learn about the animals but are guaranteed to see them active. Reptiles are more active during the day and warmer weather. Some reptiles will not be visible on colder days or through winter. 

List of Animals

This is a list of the different animals you can see at Moonlit Sanctuary. Animals can be seen either on our evening tours or during daytime visits, or sometimes both! For further information on which animals you will see at the Sanctuary, visit our By Day and By Night pages for the species lists.

# = animals that are either endangered or have some other conservation status.


Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Red-necked Wallaby

Tammar Wallaby #

Swamp Wallaby

Red-bellied Pademelon #

Southern Bettong #

Rufous Bettong 

Long-nosed Potoroo #

Koala #

Southern Hairy Nosed Wombat#

Yellow-bellied Glider #

Squirrel Glider #

Sugar Glider

Feathertail Glider

Spot-tailed Quoll #

Tasmanian Devil #

Spinifex Hopping Mouse

Dingo # 



Silver Perch #



Stick Insect

Leaf Insect



Australian Shelduck

Tawny Frogmouth

Australian Owlet-Nightjar

Black-winged Stilt

Banded Lapwing

Wedged-tailed Eagle @

Barking Owl #

Barn Owl

Sacred Kingfisher


Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo #

Gang-gang Cockatoo

Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo #

Little Corella  

Sulphur Crested Cockatoo


Rainbow Lorikeet

Eclectus Parrot

Superb Parrot #

Orange-bellied Parrot #

Satin Bowerbird

Helmeted Honeyeater #

Regent Honeyeater #

Eastern Whipbird

White-browed Woodswallow

Zebra Finch

@ Arriving Mid-March 2017 


Eastern Blue-tongue Skink

Blotched Blue-tongue Skink

Shingleback Skink

Cunninghams Skink

Rough Knob-tailed Gecko

Spotted Tree Monitor

Lace Monitor (Goanna)

Eastern Bearded Dragon

Eastern Water Dragon

Gippsland Water Dragon



Carpet Python

Coastal Carpet Python

Diamond Python

Jungle Python

Victorian Carpet Python #

Black-headed Python

Water Python


Long-necked Turtle

Murray River Turtle #


Green Tree Frog

Growling Grass Frog #


Commonly Seen Wild Animals

Whilst there is no guarantee that you will see these animals, they are all species we see most days or evenings.


Bats (occasionally seen)

Brushtail Possum

Ringtail Possum

Sugar Glider (occasionally seen)


Cape Barren Goose

Pacific Black Duck

Chestnut Teal 

Maned Duck (aka Wood Duck)

Purple Swamp Hen

Eurasian Coot

Dusky Moorhen

Black-tailed Native Hen

Australasian Grebe

Crested Pigeon

Brush Bronze-wing Pigeon

Noisy Myna

Eastern Yellow Robin

Superb Fairy Wren



Tawny Frogmouth