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Education Programs at Moonlit Sanctuary


Welcome to Moonlit Sanctuary "Living Classroom" - an exciting range of excursions for students of all ages.
Programs are linked to new Victorian Curriculum, and cover science/biology, Civics and Citizenship, Geography and Science as a Human Endeavour.
We cater for primary, secondary and tertiary classes as well as ESL language groups and special development schools. We also run programs for groups such as scouts and guides.

Our Wildlife Conservation Park has been developed to show the interaction between animals with their habitats, and the processes that threaten their extinction. We are particularly concentrating on the flora and fauna of our region.
Entertaining and incisive talks, games and activities conducted by our experienced rangers and education officers, are all part of the Moonlit Sanctuary educational experience.

Hold a snake, feed a devil, or have fun ponding!

Sessions can be held on subjects such as:

  • Endangered species breeding and management
  • Marsupial diversity
  • Feral animals
  • Bush foods
  • Habitat restoration
  • Careers with animals
  • Southern Australian bio-diversity

These topics can be structured for primary and secondary schools, and university levels.

 We receive warm reviews from our visiting teachers;

Subject: RE: Thank you for visiting Moonlit Sanctuary on Friday 20th May

Hi Adele,

Sorry for the late response - thanks for the email and information sheet!

 Thank you for providing such a great experience for my Year 10 students - they really enjoyed it! Laurienne was really knowledgeable and it was wonderful to have her as a guide as we walked around the sanctuary.

I will definitely be recommending Moonlit Sanctuary to my colleagues and friends!

Kind regards,

Michelle Heitch

 School Booking Terms and Conditions

  • 24 hours notice is required to reduce or significantly increase the number of participants due to resourcing requirements. Discounts will not be given for people failing to attend on the day. Final invoice will reflect confirmed booking and any additional attendees on the day.
  • Additional participants can be added. Greater than 3 days notice is required to add more than 10% extra participants for resourcing purposes. 
    Extra participants will be charged at the price listed above. 
  • Adult to Student Ratio: Carers (of physically or intellectually disabled persons) 1 per person; Early childhood: 1 for every 3 paying students; Foundation to grade 2: 1 for every 5 paying students; All others: 1 for every 10 paying students; Extra adults $12.09 + gst (each). 
  • If booking for less than 12 students, a minimum rate of $250 + gst will apply rather than a cost per head. 
  • Due to resourcing, please be on time, as session times will be reduced if participants are late
  • A cancellation fee of $200.00 will be charged for all cancellations within 3 days of the excursion, unless there is a re-booking within the same term.
  • Please ensure students wear appropriate clothing, as well as enclosed shoes.
  • Please refrain from bring backpacks, particularly for large groups as space is limited. Student’s lunches placed in tubs is recommended as there is no room for bag storage.


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