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"We visited on the 7th of October and wanted to say thank you for a great day.  We signed up for some animal encounters - koala, dingo puppies and pythons - these were the highlights of our whole holiday.  The staff who managed the encounters were awesome and knew heaps about the animals we were meeting - biggest thank yous.  The dingo puppies were our firm favourites, but the experience also changed how we think/feel about snakes - which is saying something for NZers! We also loved feeding the wallabies and kangaroos.  The sanctuary really increased our interest in and understanding of Australian animals and we look forward to another visit next time we are in Melbourne." (email)

"My son Coby recently attended a day of your school holiday program.  I felt the need to send a message of thanks.  Our drive home was full of excited conversation about the wonderful day he had learning, experiencing and spending time with like minded children.  A special thanks goes to JJ, Jess and Ryan for helping Coby enjoy the day and passing on so much knowledge. Coby is looking forward to a trip back there soon with the family and cannot wait for the next holidays to join the Ranger team again." (email)

Tripadvisor review: "Highlight of our holiday"  Reviewed 15 October 2014 NEW
We very much enjoyed our visit to Moonlit Sanctuary. We signed up for encounters with the koala, dingo puppies and python - they were all great but the dingo puppies were the family favourite. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable and tailored the experiences to suit our 6 year old as well as we grown ups. Highly recommend.
We also got lucky with feeding the wallabies and kangaroos - so many wanting to eat out of our hands and often with joey's poking their heads out of the pouch. Lots of other animals to see too. It is well laid out and obviously a lot of thought has been put into providing an excellent visitor experience - but the over all vibe was that the animals definitely come first. We think that is great.

Tripadvisor review: "Amazing Experience!!!"  Reviewed 8 October 2014 NEW via mobile
We found this place by accident, and it was incredible! Cuddling the Koala was awesome! And don't forget to buy food to feed the kangaroos and wallabies that will eat it right out of your hand. It was absolutely amazing! The staff were very friendly. And we will be doing it again.

Tripadvisor review: "Australian Fauna and Flora"  Reviewed 5 October 2014 NEW
Private Night tour a highlight, Intimate, interesting and knowledgeable. The guide was excellent. The highlight was hand feeding the Animals the kids loved it.

"Private Feeding Tour a highlight of Australia" Tripadvisor - Reviewed 24 September 2014 NEW
3 of us did the private feeding tour that takes place beginning around 7pm and after the park is closed. This ended up being a magical experience thanks not only to the amazing animals we got to see, but also to the amazing staff who work here.

For months prior to our visit to Australia, I sent countless questions in emails before making and confirming our booking. Michael never seemed put out by my endless questions and always answered quickly and with lots of info. Not only that but he booked our transfer to and from the city and I was able to pay through him as well, which was SO convenient. During the tour I was able to meet Michael in person and he was just as friendly as he had been in his emails.

For the tour itself, we enjoyed the company of Faye, who was full of life, had an amazing sense of humor, and who kept us engaged with the animals and laughing at her stories the whole trip. I should probably mention that we'd just gotten off our 15-hour international flight that morning and hadn't slept all day so for us to be so engaged was no small feat on the part of the staff.

The animals were amazing. After having the opportunity to hold a python, we went outside and were greeted by a group of kangaroos and began the feeding. Koalas, Tasmanian devils, emus, gliders, wombats, owls and more greeted us throughout the night. We were able to feed most of the animals but due to some restrictions we couldn't hand-feed feed them all, but there was never a disappointment and every animal was more than happy to see us. And we loved hearing Faye's stories about her interactions with the animals...it really gave each of them a personality and we could tell that it was all true and the animals had quirks just like us.

The animals are of course the stars of the show. But honestly it takes very little for these cute and fuzzy creatures to win you over. My group and I love the fact, though, that the staff was just as warm and inviting as the animals we came to see. We want to go back and I encourage everyone to visit and especially give the private feeding tour a try!

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