Banded Lapwing

Vanellus tricolor


Least Concern

Banded lapwings are endemic to Australia in the east, south and west of the mainland and also in Tasmania but they are rarely found in northern Australia. They prefer open, short grasslands such as agricultural lands and heavily grazed paddocks in dry and semi-arid regions.

Banded lapwings have an upright stance and a slow walk, when alarmed they can break into a fast trot.


They eat a variety of insects, spiders, worms, snails and slugs and occasionally seeds. They use foot-tapping to disturb insects from cover, chasing them with short darting movements.


Breeding occurs mainly in June–November, with the nest being a scrape on the ground. The female lays three to four speckled eggs that she incubates for 28 days.

  • Location

    Dark green indicates where the Banded Lapwing can be found