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Thank you for your purchase, or interest in our Butterflies, Bugs and Bees plant kit.

Insect populations globally are collapsing with an extinction rate 8 times that of mammals, birds or reptiles. An important impact is urbanisation, however, by creating a small native habitat garden in a corner of a backyard or on a balcony,  an impactful living space can be provided for butterflies, bees, grasshoppers, ladybirds and others.

Together with our partners, the Conservation Collective, RARES Foundation and the City of Casey, we have created the perfect starter garden for attracting butterflies, bugs and bees.

To get involved, complete the form below and, if you haven’t already, purchase your six-pack of plants at Moonlit Sanctuary.

We will then invite you to join the private Facebook Group where we will all work together to grow a community of insect-attracting gardens.  The  FB Group will provide tips on how to grow your plants and with a qualified Entomologist (that’s a scientist who studies insects) and the talented team at the Conservation Collective Nursery ready to help, we are setting you up for success.

We ask that you share photos and stories of the insects that visit your garden to the group so we can monitor the success of this project.  The Entomologist will identify and record your insect visitors for the project.

The Backyard Habitat Garden requires little setup or maintenance and grows very quickly.

It is important that you take part in the Facebook Group and share your stories with the other participants as success is more likely if we work as a team.

This project aims to create a community of backyard (or balcony) conservationists that are guided by experts to monitor and improve outcomes.

What’s in the starter pack?

Your pack contains a mix of native flowers, shrubs and grasses.

Visit the Conservation Collective if you want to add to your pack with additional insect-attracting plants.

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Join our Facebook Group to get started on your conservation journey.

Click here to request to join the group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/butterfliesbugsandbeescasey

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