VCE Environmental Science Unit 3: How can biodiversity and development be sustained?


Orange-bellied Parrot from Moonlit Sanctuary's Conservation Program

The Critically Endangered, Orange-bellied Parrot once faced extinction, with as few as 17 wild birds in 2017.

However, the people and institutions involved in the National Recovery Program persevered. Moonlit Sanctuary, along with other Institutions, continued to try new and novel strategies to increase wild breeding success, minimise the loss of birds to their Bass Strait crossing, and improve their chances upon arrival to the mainland.

Crucially, some of these strategies were successful, and we have recently seen historic numbers of migrating Orange-bellied Parrots returning to the breeding grounds in Melaleuca, Tasmania.

Learn more about the Orange-bellied Parrot


This excursion examines the ecology of the Orange-bellied Parrot, including their unique migratory behaviour, and threats to the population.

Students will learn how the successful breeding, release, and monitoring of the species, as well as the restoration and protection of critical habitat, has more widely contributed to the biodiversity of multiple ecosystems.

Students will understand how the efforts and cooperation of Zoos such as Moonlit Sanctuary, Breeding centres, Scientists, Government departments, and Volunteers, are imperitive to the survival of the species.

The program also includes time to take a self-guided tour of the rest of the park, including our award-winning Wallaby Walk.

Base Program Fee  (includes up to 15 students)  $330 

Additional students over the inlcuded 15 are $19.50 each


All prices include GST and program fees include admission to Moonlit Sanctuary 

1 adult included free of charge for every 10 students (rounded up to the next 10)

Carers and Aides (for people with physical or learning needs): 1 included per student

Learning aides do not affect ratios

Extra adults over the above ratios: $18.00 (to a maximum of 1:1)

Additional resources will be provided to Teachers who book an excursion, including:

  1. Program notes based on content descriptors of the 2022 Study Design
  2. List of useful links for further information and media releases
  3. Government documents
  4. Resources about Orange-bellied parrot vegetation use, and surveying of habitat to support a Unit 3 Investigation.
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