Gang-gang Cockatoo

Callocephalon fimbriatum


Least Concern

Gang-gang cockatoos are small sized grey cockatoos with a soft wispy crest.

The male gang-gang has a slate-grey body with a bright scarlet red head, face and crest. Females lack a colourful head.

Gang-gangs have a distinctive rasping croaky screech.

They are found in woodlands and wet eucalyptus forests. Although secure, they are experiencing declining populations due to clearing of old-growth forests resulting in the decrease of suitable nesting sites and feeding grounds.


These parrots feed on seeds of native and introduced trees and shrubs, berries, fruits, nuts as well as insects. They often return to the same feeding spot until they have depleted the food source.


Gang-gang cockatoos pair for life, nesting within hollows of tall trees with a clutch size of 2-3 eggs.