Being part of the fight against single-use packaging is imperative to Moonlit Sanctuary and aligns with our role in the conservation and sustainability of our planet.

We’ve been on a journey to cut down the amount of waste in our café and are very happy to announce that by the end of March we will have NO single-use packaging in the café, kiosk or kitchen.

Over 8 million tonnes of plastic waste enters the ocean every year – the equivalent to a full garbage truck every second!  Much of that waste is single-use plastic items like bags, bottles, straws, cutlery and food packaging. Plastic items are killing wildlife while people are drinking (and inhaling) an increasing amount of microplastics each day.

We began by replacing plastic straws with reusable ones, and then cut out drinks that came in plastic bottles and replaced them with cans or glass bottles. We also installed drinking fountains so our visitors can fill their own water bottles. Very soon we will have no single-use takeaway food or drink containers, replacing these with reusable versions that can still be taken outside.

Aleisha, our café supervisor, spearheaded the project researching the best ways we can omit single-use packaging but still provide the same high level of customer service. She said, “It was a real challenge to source replacements that still fulfilled the requirements but a challenge that was very definitely worthwhile”.

Several of the products Aleisha found will soon be available to purchase at the Sanctuary.

We hope you will support our sustainability journey and next time you visit you can enjoy your snacks and meals here knowing you are also doing a little something to help.