Spencer’s Monitor

Varanus spenceri


Least Concern

The Spencer’s Monitor is considered far stockier than other Australian goannas, growing up to 1.2m. Adults are seldom preyed upon and are quite capable of taking down large prey in correlation to their size. They’re the only Australian monitor that is purely terrestrial. The ever-growing presence of cane toads poses a substantial risk with even a curious bite of a toad being able to prove fatal.


The Spencer’s Monitor is native to the Barkly region in Central Queensland and the Northern Territory in black soil plains.


A top predator in their ecosystem, this obligate carnivore will take on anything including venomous snakes, small mammals, other lizards, eggs, and carrion (dead animals).


Spencer’s Monitors are oviparous (egg laying) with females laying up to 30 eggs in a clutch buried deep underneath the sand.


    Dark green indicates where the Spencer’s monitor can be found.

    Distribution map for the Spencer's Monitor
  • A Spencer's Monitor in its enclosure at Moonlit Sanctuary
  • A close-up on the head of a Spencer's Monitor
  • A Spencer's Monitor with it's tongue exptended