Spot-tailed Quoll

Dasyurus maculates


Victoria: Endangered
Locally: Extinct in the wild

The spot-tailed quoll is the largest carnivorous marsupial on the mainland of Australia and lives in forests down the east coast.

Loss of forest habitat has seen a decline of numbers of this species. Male spot-tailed quolls require a home range of over 2000ha.

Moonlit Sanctuary manages the national population of spot-tailed quolls on behalf of the Zoo and Aquarium Association. This includes managing the studbook to create the most appropriate genetic match and prevent inbreeding. We are also working towards involvement with recovery and reintroduction programs.

You can see spot-tailed quolls in their enclosure near the dingoes and also often in our Conservation in Action wildlife show.


They are carnivores and mainly scavenge for food eating carrion (dead animals), small mammals and birds.