Spotted Tree Monitor

Varanus scalaris


Least Concern

The spotted tree monitor is an arboreal lizard found in wet tropical to arid areas of Northern Australia. They live in hollowed trees and branches, and the spotted colouration in speckled greens and greys helps them camouflage into the surrounding trunks and foliage. 

The spotted tree monitor ranges on the smaller side of the Australian goannas and as such, is quite timid and seldom seen in the wild. The invasion of the cane toad could severely affect the population as the monitors are opportunist hunters and are unable to tolerate foreign toxins. ​​


They are carnivorous, though still have a diet rich in diversity, feasting on invertebrates, smaller lizards, frogs and even baby birds. 


Like all goannas, this species is oviparous (egg laying) with females laying a small clutch in a safe, secure location. 

  • Location

    Dark green indicates where the Spotted Tree Monitor can be found