Superb Parrot

Polytelis swainsonii



Female superb parrots are bright green in colour, the males have a yellow forehead and cheeks with a red stripe.

They live in small flocks or family groups in woodlands that are generally near water ways. They are threatened in Victoria due to habitat clearing and degradation as well as competition for nest sites with introduced bird species.


Superb parrots are ground foragers who will eat a variety of native plants, berries and seeds as well as nectar, insects and flowers.


Superb parrots prefer to have long hollow nests, laying 4-6 eggs at the bottom of the hollow on layers of wood dust. The eggs are then incubated around 20 days, during this time the male will go off in search of food to feed the female. Once they have hatched the male will search for food to feed the entire family.

  • Location

    Dark green indicates where the Superb Parrot can be found

  • close up of a superb parrot at Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park
  • superb parrot at Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park