Tawny Frogmouth

Podargus strigoides


Least Concern

Tawny frogmouths are a nocturnal bird that relies on camouflage during the day, mimicking the appearance of a tree branch. They are generally silver-grey in colour and have bright yellow eyes. Tawny frogmouths are a well adapted species being found in most habitat types except dense rainforest and deserts.


The Tawny frogmouth has a varied diet including a variety of insects, frogs, small reptiles and mice. They can sometimes be seen holding their mouth wide open to display its yellow interior; this is thought to attract insects acting as a “yellow light”.


Breeding season ranges from August to December. They form a nest of loosely placed sticks usually in the fork of a tree and lay between 1-3 eggs. They take in turns incubating; one sitting on the nest whilst the other finds food.

  • Location

    Dark green indicates where the Tawny Frogmouth can be found