• Python with keeper and visitors at Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park
  • Kangaroo joeys with their keepers at Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Park
  • Barking Owl with trainer at Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park
  • Quoll joeys at Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park


10% discount for Foundation to Year 10 programs booked for Term 1. Any school that books 2 classes or more per date is eligible.


Our Education Programs

At Moonlit Sanctuary, we provide hands on, engaging and memorable excursions to learners of all ages.

Primary and Secondary Programs

Our programs are linked to the current Victorian Curriculum:

  • Biological Sciences
    • Science Inquiry Skills
    • Science as a Human Endeavour
  • Cross-Curriculum priority “Learning about Sustainability”.
  • Learning Capabilities “Ethical” and “Critical and Creative Thinking”

Other subject areas that we can provide programs for upon request include Geography F-12 and Environmental Science F-12.

VCE Programs

We run programs for VCE students including:

  • Environmetal Science Unit 3 Biodiversity
  • Geography Unit 2 Tourism

Tertiary Programs

We can run customised programs for Tertiary students

Some Tertiary Groups we have developed programs for inlcude:

  • Monash University “Biology of Australian Vertebrates” 2018 & 2019 – Focused on captive breeding, conservation and management and of endangered species, and Conservation Careers.
  • Box Hill Institude “Monitoring Biodiversity” 2019 – Focused on diversity of Australian Wildlife and threats they face, Identification techniques in field work.

To dicuss a potential program for your VCE or Tertiary students please contact our Education team at education@moonlit-sanctuary.com

Program and Philosophy

Moonlit Sanctuary offers a unique semi-bush environment with many free roaming animals in our “Living Classroom”.

The philosophy of our Education Team and program is to allow learners to have close and meaningful interactions with our animals, participate in activities that reinforce learning about science concepts and to practice science skills.

Our programs are designed to help learners of all ages appreciate the amazing interconnections of the ecosystems that support our beloved Australian fauna. Our planning is influenced by a growing body of research that recognises the importance of meta-cognitive awareness around complex environmental topics, informed by science and the arts as well as local and traditional knowledge.

We are continually developing our programs to better differentiate, offering greater student choice and self-selected learning.