Go behind-the-scenes and get up close to some of Australia’s most endangered species. Learn how you can help with their survival and about the conservation programs Moonlit Sanctuary is involved with.

On this hour-long tour, you can choose three species to encounter from five endangered species that we care for.

You can have a hand-reared orange-bellied parrot land on your hand, get up close and personal with a barking owl, give a spot-tailed quoll an afternoon snack or have a fluffy squirrel glider enjoy some nectar from your hand.

Other options include a close-up meeting with our cheeky potoroos who will come close to enjoy a snack and, if you’re lucky, they may allow a pat.


Time: Our  Threatened Species Tours are at 1:00pm daily and must be booked in advance.

Group size: Each tour has a maximum of 2 people to ensure a special experience.

Price: $150 for one person or $250 for 2 people.

Age: First person must be 18 years or over. There are no limits on the age of the second person.

Choose three animals to get up close to from these endangered species:

  • Orange-bellied parrot
  • Barking owl
  • Spot-tailed quoll
  • Squirrel glider
  • Potoroo

You will be able to select the animals you wish to include in your tour at the checkout.

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