Meet Mary, an uncommonly friendly Common Wombat.

In this ten-minute close-up encounter, you can enter her enclosure while she is enjoying her food, bob down behind her and give her lots of pats down the back while her Keeper chats about her and her species.

Don’t forget to take some selfies, as our gorgeous Mary is a proven Instagram queen.

Online booking essential.

Wombat encounters are at 1:30pm every day.

$60 for 1 person or a private group of 2 people

Maximum 2 people. Minimum age 4 years.

Children aged 4-11 must be accompanied by an adult inside the enclosure.

Children aged 12- 17 must be accompanied by an adult who can remain outside the enclosure

This is a 10-minute encounter. Unfortunately, this encounter cannot accommodate wheelchairs and walkers at the moment. Participants must be physically able to crouch to the wombat’s level and stand up easily.