Admission-only School Excursions

As we are an intimately sized park, and students are able to come into close contact with our wildlife, we do prefer to run a formal Education Program for most school groups, rather than book Admission-only excursions.

In special circumstances, we can accommodate excursions for Schools and Holiday care organisations, without the booking of a formal Education Program.

During the School Term

If our programs are already booked out, and no alternative date can be arranged, we can offer an Admission-only visit for groups of under 30 students. This is on the condition that we can comply with all COVID safe measures as well as other circumstances.

During the School Holidays

As we cannot run our formal Education Programs during School Holidays, we can offer Admission-only excursions for Holiday Care organisations. We prefer small group sizes (under 50 students) due to the general busyness of holiday periods.

If a group is larger than 50 students, we can work with you to arrange a timetable to help ensure we maintain the welfare of our wildlife and the enjoyment of all other visitors.

For example, we might divide the groups into separate visiting hours (AM and PM). Alternatively, the students can be segmented into smaller groups, and visit different zones of the park on a rotating schedule.

Please contact our Education Coordinator at education@moonlitsanctuary.com.au to discuss your situation.


Cost per student for admission: $13.00

Extra adults over the below ratios: $18.00 (to a maximum of 1:1)

Container Kangaroo food: $3.00 each (approximately 2 students)

Bucket of Kangaroo Food: $25 each (approximately 25 students)

please see our website or speak to Admissions staff about availability, timing and pricing

All prices include GST


We require at least 1 supervising adult per 10 students to attend.

Foundation to Grade 2: 1 adult included free of charge for every 5 students

Grade 3 and above: 1 adult included free of charge for every 10 students

Carers and Aides (for students with physical or learning needs): 1 included per student

Ratios are calculated by rounding up. For example:

16 x Grade 1 students require 4 supervising adults

22 x Grade 5 students require 3 supervising adults.


It may be possible to reserve undercover seating for the group only in School Holidays. The undercover seating area can accommodate up to 75 students at once.

Please ask about seating reservation at the time of your initial inquiry.

Please ensure you have read all our preparatory information, which can be found on the below-linked webpage.

We expect that all attending Supervising staff will actively support the students’ respectful engagement with our wildlife. The responsibilities of Supervising staff are outlined in our Code of Conduct.

We also require the Booking person and all Supervising staff to be aware of the COVID-safe Excursions Policy and ensure students and staff comply.


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