Admission-only Excursions: Preparing for your Excursion

Please inform the Education Coordinator of approximate numbers 1 week prior to your visit, at education@moonlitsanctuary.com.au

Final numbers will be checked upon entry and invoiced for accordingly.

How to behave

Please read the Code of Conduct and ensure all attending staff and students are aware of their responsibilities and our expectations throughout the visit.

Students must be supervised at all times.

We wish all our visitors, including schools, have a positive experience and expect that some preparatory discussion with your students is undertaken regarding respect and care for animals. We expect that all attending supervising adults will actively support the students’ respectful engagement with our wildlife.

The linked Guide to Wallaby Walk and Species Identification will also help in this discussion.

What to wear

Please check the weather for Pearcedale before attending. The weather here can be quite different to other parts of of Melbourne or surounds.

  • closed-toe shoes and hats.
  • warm clothing for cold days
  • raincoats should rain be forecast .
  • Mosquitos can be numerous in the area when warm and wet! If so, instruct students to apply insect repellent in the morning or request permission from parents to apply during the excursion.

What to bring

Please bring lunches and drinks in small bags for students to carry individually. In some cases, an undercover seating area may be reserved to leave belongings for the day. This must be pre-arranged with the Education Coordinator education@moonlitsanctuary.com.au

Where to arrive

Instruct your bus drivers to parallel park in the Bus Zone, not across the main entrance.

To minimise congestion in the queues, line students up outside the entrance. The excursion Leader should enter through our Admissions building, join the queue and then inform the Admission staff of the name of your school/organisation. Inform staff of final numbers.

Then students should come through the entrance into the park all at once.

If a different entry point has been pre-arranged with us then please enter as previously instructed by the Education Coordinator.


We now have an app as well as a map to help you get around Moonlit Sanctuary.

Park Map and App

Visual Story

Some students may benefit from our handy Visual Story, found on this page: Inclusivity Resources


These documents may help in your planning and risk assessment.  

Moonlit Sanctuary School visit Risk Assessment

Moonlit Sanctuary Excursion Health and Safety  Includes Health and Safety Advice, and Emergency Evacuation Procedures

For a current copy of our Certificate of Currency/Public Liability documents please email the Education Coordinator at education@moonlitsanctuary.com.au

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