Preparing for your Excursion

COVID Safe excursions

Proof of Vaccination

All visitors 12 years and 2 months of age and over, will be required to provide proof of full vaccination to visit Moonlit Sanctuary, except where exempt, as per the Victorian Government directions

Contact Tracing

A Department of Education and Training Excursion attendance form for contact tracing must be provided prior to entry. This should be submitted to education@moonlitsanctuary.com.au at least 24 hours prior to your excursion date.


Masks are recommended where 1.5 metres of physical distancing cannot be maintained, as per the current Department of Health guidelines.

Social Distancing

Teachers and school supervisors are responsible for ensuring students follow safe physical distancing measures with other visitors.

Our Zoo Educators will make every effort to support school staff in managing social distancing between school groups during education sessions.

Our team will also ensure education sessions and breaks do not take place in the same zones at the same time at another school group.

For more information please see our COVID Safe Excursions document.

What to wear

As some sessions are outdoors and run in all weather conditions, it is critical that students bring weather appropriate clothing. This includes closed-toe shoes and raincoats/hats should rain be forecast; warm clothing for cold days; and for warmer days, please instruct students to apply insect repellent in the morning as there are mosquitos in the area.

What to bring

Please bring lunches and drinks in small bags or class tubs. We have some storage tubs available for lunch bags/boxes.

Where to arrive

Instruct your bus drivers to park parallel to the Bus Zone. Our Education Officers will meet you there to let you in at your scheduled arrival time.

Please arrive on time as late arrival will reduce break or session times.

How to behave

We wish all our visitors, including schools, have a positive experience so ask that some preparatory discussion with your students is undertaken regarding respect and care for animals.

We anticipate that all attending supervising adults will actively support the students’ respectful engagement with our wildlife. Our educators will also explain the expected behaviours at the beginning of the day.

The linked Guide to Wallaby Walk and Species Identification may help in this discussion.

Please find the Code of Conduct on page 3 of the attached document Moonlit Sanctuary – Essential Information for Teachers.

Health and Safety

Schools are required to conduct their own risk assessments before an excursion. These documents may help in your planning 

Moonlit Sanctuary School visit Risk Assessment

Moonlit Sanctuary – Essential Information for Teachers  Includes Booking Terms and Conditions, Emergency Evacuation Procedures, and Code of Conduct

Our COVID-Safe excursion information can be found at the top of this page.

For a current copy of our Certificate of Currency/Public Liability documents please email the Education Coordinator at education@moonlitsanctuary.com.au