VCE Biology Unit 2: How do inherited adaptations impact on diversity


Australian wildlife are unique, diverse and experts at survival.

Through this program, students will learn about and appreciate:

  • The range of strategies that animals use to reproduce, passing on advantageous traits that allow them to survive harsh Australian environments.
  • The significance of genetic diversity and how this impacts the design of breeding programs for endangered species.
  • The interdependent relationships of fauna and flora, and the significant role of apex predators and pollinators.

Excursions will aim to cover the Key knowledge criteria in the 2022 Study Design.

Educators will use particular species as case studies to explore the key concepts outlined below.

Reproductive strategiesThe advantages and disadvantages of the diverse Reproductive strategies of Australian wildlife, including oviparous, ovoviviparous and viviparous (especially birds and reptiles) as well as placental vs marsupial mammals.
Genetic diversityImportance of genetic diversity especially as it relates to conservation breeding programs such as our Orange-bellied parrot and Tasmanian Devil, as well as designer morphologies in pet reptiles.
Adaptations The structural, physiological and behavioural adaptations that allow species such as the Koala, Cockatoos and Shingleback Lizard to survive in diverse and harsh Australian environments.
Ecological interdependence The important role species such as the Dingo, Wedge-tailed eagle, pollinators and snakes play in the health of an ecosystem.
baby blue tongue lizards at Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park
Alpine dingo at Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park
Tasmanian devil in log at Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park

The program also includes time to take a self-guided tour of the rest of the park, including our award-winning Wallaby Walk.

Base Program Fee  (includes up to 15 students)  $330 

Additional students over the inlcuded 15 are $19.50 each


All prices include GST and program fees include admission to Moonlit Sanctuary 

1 adult included free of charge for every 10 students (rounded up to the next 10)

Carers and Aides (for people with physical or learning needs): 1 included per student

Learning aides do not affect ratios

Extra adults over the above ratios: $20.00 (to a maximum of 1:1)

Teachers who book an excursion will be provided with the program notes based on content descriptors of the 2022 Study Design.

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