A close up of Dee Dee our freshwater crocodile

Meet our new crocodile

A close up of Dee Dee the freshwater croc

Aves Breeding News

Close up of an echidna eating

Meet our new Echidnas

Yellow-bellied Glider named Bailey celebrates his first birthday

Bailey Turns One!

Critically endangered Pookila

New Small Mammal Conservation Breeding Centre

Michael Johnson and some Moonlit Sanctuary representatives at the 2021 RACV Tourism Awards.

Tourism Award Win for Moonlit

Moonlit Sanctuary staff at Orange-bellied Parrot release

OBP Highlight of 2021

Michael Johnson, owner and founder of Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation park, holding bush-stone curlew chick

20 Year Anniversary

Historical photo of a newly opened Moonlit Sanctuary with Michael and Roland Johnson and family friends with 2 dingoes

20 Year Anniversary Celebrations

Tammar Wallaby Joey