Dromaius novaehollandiae


Least Concern

The emu is the largest bird in Australia growing up to 2 metres tall.

They are flightless with very small wings, relying on their elongated legs and 3 toed feet to reach speeds up to 50km/hr. They have double shafted feathers which give them a shaggy appearance.

Emus live in a variety of habitats within Australia, however, they are usually absent from dense rainforest.


Emus feed on a variety of seeds, grasses, flowers, nuts, insects and even animal droppings. They will occasionally swallow small stones to aid in digestion. They can travel up to 25km a day in search of food and water.


Breeding season is from April to November involving a 5-month partnership between the male and female. This includes courtship, nest building and egg laying. Females lay between 6-11 eggs; the male then incubates them and is the sole carer until they reach 2 years of age

  • Location

    Dark green indicates where the Emu can be found

  • close up on an emu at Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park
  • Close up of an emu at Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park