Olive Python

Liasis olivaceus


Least Concern

Reaching a size in excess of 6 metres, olive pythons are among the largest of Australia’s snakes. Our snakes are involved daily in awareness and education presentations aimed to counter their biggest threat, misinformation. Snakes are true biodiversity safeguards in their ecosystems, able to take the hit and survive lengths of time without eating while being capable of managing population booms in times of abundance.


They are found across the north of Western Australia, the Northern Territory and just into Queensland. Living in the savannah and bushlands they favour rocky gorges and watercourses, taking shelter during the hottest parts of the day in rock crevices and hollows reserving most activity to the nights.


These ambush predators will lay in wait and even stalk prey before striking and taking down birds, reptiles and mammals including large wallabies that get within range. A feed of this size could satisfy them for 6 months.


Females laying 12-40 eggs towards the end of spring. These are incubated for 50 days before hatchlings emerge.

  • Olive python

    Dark green indicates where the olive python can be found