Carpet Python

Morelia spilota


Least Concern

There are multiple subspecies of carpet python each with their own distinctive patterns and colouration. Our snakes are involved daily in awareness and education presentations aimed to counter their biggest threat, a poor reputation, misinformation and fear campaigns. Snakes are true biodiversity safeguards, able to take the hit and survive lengths of time without eating while being capable of managing population booms in times of abundance.


Carpet pythons are metaturnal (active day and night) and are widespread across the shrublands, bush and rainforests of the eastern half of Australia from the southern coast to Far North Queensland.


This stealthy and patient ambush predator will remain in a vantage point ready to strike mammals, birds, reptiles and frogs with a particular knack for catching volant animals (flying or gliding species) like bats.


With clutch sizes averaging in the 20s, most species of carpet pythons guard their eggs until they hatch.


    Dark green indicates where carpet pythons can be found

    Distribution map for carpet pythons in Australia