Wallabia bicolor


Least Concern

The swamp wallaby is a unique wallaby and is the only member of the genus WallabiaIt has fewer chromosomes than other wallabies. It also has extra-large premolar teeth and a different hopping style where its head is held lower and tail extended straight behind the body. It is a notoriously shy wallaby, that emits a throaty defensive growl if threatened. ​​​

Swamp Wallabies are found along the east coast of Australia from Victoria up to northern Queensland. They prefer habitats with a dense understory such as forests, woodlands, brigalow scrub and coastal heathlands. 


Swamp wallabies are a herbivorous species that feeds on grasses, ferns, shrubs and even fungi. They are considered more of a browser than a grazer. 


Swamp wallabies breed throughout the year, having 1 offspring at a time. The joey will stay in the pouch for up to 9 months before it vacates but will continue to suckle for another 6 months. 


    Dark green indicates where the Swamp Wallaby can be found

  • Swamp wallaby at Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Park
  • Swamp wallaby jumping at Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Park
  • Hand feeding a swamp wallaby at Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Park