• Collage of Australian wildlife at Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Park

Virtual Excursion Package

Our Virtual excursion programs are uniquely personal and will allow students to take a video tour of the park, and later engage with our educators, asking and answering questions as a class, using the school’s preferred platform.

Primary program packages also include optional educational resources.


Choose one of the programs that we have ready to go. These are designed to meet curriculum goals for:

  1. Foundation to Grade 2: Feathers, Fur and Scales
  2. Grade 3 to 6: Rarer and Rarer
  3. Primary EAL: Amazing Aussie Animals
  4. VCE Geography: Unit 2 Tourism

This immersive experience includes 3 parts

  1. Virtual Excursion – Video Tour of Moonlit Sanctuary
    You will be sent our Video tour for your chosen program. These Video tours support curriculum goals for these levels. See our iconic native wildlife up-close, hosted by our engaging zoo educators.
  1. Q&A session – 1 hr video chat
    After watching the tour, students have a chance to follow up with a Zoo Educator, ask questions, and check understanding.  Chats are hosted by class teachers on their preferred platform (Webex, Teams, Google Meet, Zoom etc).
  1. Resource pack – Pick your class Animal ambassador (Primary levels only)
    Dive deep into one of three quirky animal characters at Moonlit Sanctuary (you decide which). Discover their history, their everyday lives, and how we ensure they stay happy and healthy.
    Package includes a collection of worksheets and accompanying videos. As learners progress, they will develop a connection to Australia’s unique wildlife and landscapes, through the lens of the school’s chosen animal ambassador.

Pricing General Program

$250 flat-fee (includes 1hr Q&A session)

$90 per additional Q&A session


You may include as many students as you wish in each Q&A session, and the hour can be divided into shorter sessions across multiple classes.

We recommend at least 20-30minutes per class. 

All prices include GST

For any questions, booking inquiries or to hear about other custom options including for secondary school, please contact


Resources packs are year level specific and designed by VIT qualified Teachers to support student attainment of Victorian Curriculum standards in the following areas.

Learning Areas:



Environmental Science


Critical and Creative Thinking


Cross Curriculum Priorities:

Learning about sustainability

Learning about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures

This is what Teachers have said about our program

Our Levels 1&2 students had such a great experience participating in Moonlit Sanctuary’s virtual excursion during lockdown. It was so wonderful to have a different experience during home learning, and all students were engaged and excited with all aspects of the program, especially the video and Q&A session with May. They have been sharing facts about the animals with us ever since!
Our staff were so impressed with the generous resources offered in this package, which align perfectly to our Inquiry unit and support the learning we have been doing this term.
The whole experience was very easy to undertake and organise, even though all students accessed it from their own homes. We had excellent communication the whole way through. The program would be equally as beneficial if we were at school, and we will keep it in mind for the future!

Thank you so much to May and her team for this fantastic learning experience for our students!


The students absolutely loved the virtual excursion and have not stopped speaking about how fantastic it was. We had some great feedback from the parents too. It linked so nicely with our Science Unit, “life cycles”.

JJ was amazing! She was so knowledgeable and the Q&A session was really beneficial for the students. It was great to see a range of animals in the video – marsupials, mammals, reptiles etc. and it was also wonderful for the students to be educated on how to protect these incredible animals. We loved the activity booklet too!

Thank you so much for helping to organise the day! It was definitely a highlight of remote learning and gave the students something to look forward to during this difficult time. I know a lot of the students in my class are keen to visit the sanctuary once restrictions have eased.

I just wanted to email a massive thank you for the zoom Q & A this morning! I got a lot of information out of it, and the students said they enjoyed hearing everything you had to say.
… we got so much great information from hearing you and I am really confident that they will not struggle for information to write on their report.
The kids have missed out on their geography excursions and camps this year, so they loved the video yesterday and the zoom this morning, it was a definite highlight for them in their schooling at the moment and gave them something to look forward to.
I think some of them are now eager to come and visit Moonlit Sanctuary once the restrictions lift!

The incursion was great and the kids loved it. The video was fantastic and the kids were engaged the whole time. We came up with questions as a group after that and I found that made it flow well when the Zoo Educator came on to answer the questions later. Most of them had a turn of asking a question. The Zoo Educator was super, she answered all their questions, even the odd ones!!!

… they went away and completed a writing activity about the incursion. Their responses to the incursion through their writing have all been really positive.

Thank you so much for today!

We absolutely loved the Virtual Excursion of Moonlit Sanctuary!
The students were so engaged the entire time. They really enjoyed the opportunity to ask questions, which were answered by very knowledgeable staff who are passionate about the wildlife and educating students.
We are now so excited to actually visit in person and check out the sanctuary.
We highly recommend this experience, especially for Year 3 students.
Thank you May and team!

Resource package – General Primary Programs


learn about habitats


learn about unique features


identify and group animals by physical characteristics


and much more!

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