Virtual Excursion Package

We are excited to announce, that due to popular demand, our Education team has developed two curriculum-based Virtual Excursion Packages for Primary Schools!

Our programs are uniquely personal and will allow students to take a video tour of the park, engage with our educators, ask and answer questions, and consolidate knowledge in an optional unit of work.

This package can be accessed by students and teachers at home during the online learning period, or at school, once students return. We strongly feel the importance of providing this high-quality alternative to physical excursions, which are unable to run at this time.

We are offering both Custom and General program options based on the needs of Schools and community groups.

This immersive experience consists of 3 parts

  1. Virtual Excursion – Video Tour of Sanctuary

Custom program: offers a personalised video tour based on the requests and needs of each individual school. See your favourite wildlife with up-close footage, hosted by an engaging Zoo Educator.

General program: offers a video tour aimed at two different Primary levels and based on curriculum goals for these levels. See our iconic native wildlife up-close, hosted by an engaging zoo educator.

  1. Q&A session – 1 hr video chat

Both programs include a chance to follow up with our Zoo Educator, ask questions and check understanding (via Webex, Teams or your chosen platform).

  1. Resource pack – Pick your mascot

Dive deep into one of three quirky animal characters at Moonlit Sanctuary (you decide which). Discover their history, their everyday lives and how we ensure they stay happy and healthy.

Both packages include a collection of videos, worksheets, activities, and assessable project ideas. As learners progress, they will develop a connection to Australia’s unique wildlife and landscapes, through the lens of the school’s chosen animal mascot.

As your class completes the unit at your chosen pace, you will uncover new learning and rewards along the way.

Secondary Schools

Our education team can also create customised programs for Secondary Schools to support any learning goals you have for your students.

The amazing wildlife at Moonlit Sanctuary allows us to explore diverse topics including Classifications, Food Webs and Ecosystems, Adaptations and Evolution, Wildlife Conservation, and Animal Husbandry.

Please contact us to discuss how we can support the learning of your students virtually.


Custom program: $500 (includes GST)

General Program: $250 (includes GST)

Note: This is a flat fee and you may include as many students as you wish in the program. The 1 hr Q&A session can be divided into shorter sessions across multiple classes.


Resources packs are year level specific and designed by VIT qualified Teachers to support student attainment of Victorian Curriculum standards in the following areas.

Learning Areas Science
Capabilities Critical and Creative Thinking
Cross Curriculum Priorities Learning about sustainability
Learning about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures


Booking Inquiries

For any questions, booking inquiries or to hear about other custom options including for secondary school, please contact