Dacelo novaeguineae


Least Concern

Laughing kookaburras are found in eastern Australia and have been introduced into Tasmania and the extreme west of Western Australia. They live in woodlands and open forests where there are suitable trees for nesting and open areas for hunting.

The kookaburra has a distinctive call or ‘laugh’. This is used to mark their territory. The laughing kookaburra is the largest of the Kingfisher family.


Kookaburras mainly feeds on insects and worms. They also eat small snakes, mammals, frogs and birds. Small prey is eaten whole while larger prey is killed by bashing it against a tree branch or on the ground. They don’t need to drink as they get water from their food.


They pair for life with both sexes sharing the incubation and rearing of the young. They can lay up to 4 eggs but the birth rate is low to keep pace with their longevity. Their life expectancy is about 15 years. Breeding season is September to January.

  • Location

    Dark green indicates where the Laughing Kookaburra can be found