Common Wombat

Vombatus ursinus


Least Concern

Common wombats are large burrowing marsupials native to Tasmania and eastern Australia.

They can be easily distinguished from the hairy-nosed wombats by their large naked nose and short, rounded ears. Adult males can weigh close to 40kg. They are equipped with strong legs and flattened feet with long claws to help them dig burrows up to 20 metres in length and 2 metres below the ground.

They live in temperate forests or mountainous areas with suitable vegetation for them to feed on. Natural predators include wedge-tailed eagles and Tasmanian devils.


Wombats are grazing herbivores, consuming grasses, shrubs and roots. Gnawing on roots helps wear down their continuously growing front teeth.


They can breed at any time of the year and will give birth to one joey after a 20-30 day gestation period. The joey weighs 2 grams and is the size of a jellybean when born and remains in the pouch for 6-10 months before emerging.

  • Location

    Dark green indicates where the Common Wombat can be found