Musk Lorikeet

Glosopsitta concinna


Least Concern

Musk lorikeets are mostly green in appearance with a red band across the forehead and eyes; in flight they display a bright golden tail.

They are found in tall, open and dry forest and woodlands which are abundant with eucalyptus. As well as being found in suburban areas such as parks and nature strips dominated by trees. They live up to 20 years of age.


The diet of musk lorikeets includes pollen, nectar, fruit, insects and seeds. They feed on native species including Eucalyptus, Banksias and Grevilleas from all levels of the canopy gathering pollen and nectar from the fruits and flowers.


Musk lorikeets mate with one partner, nesting in tree hollows. Clutch size is small for the species generally only laying 2 eggs with a gestation period of 22-23 days. Chicks will fledge on average around 48 days old.

  • Location

    Dark green indicates where the Musk Lorikeet can be found

  • Musk lorikeet at Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park